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Nowadays many people suffer problems related to sexual life. Our experts interviewed 1000 people and found out that more than two thirds of the respondents declared premature ejaculation, impotence, and emotional problems as the most troublesome concerns among male patients. As to the female problems, the most commonly declared were lack of satisfaction, loss of sexual desire and problems related to aging (these three items accounted for 40-50% of the "often" or "very often" responses. Our specialists designed sexy hypnosis audio and video records to help these people. 

More than two thirds of the respondents reported that loss of sexual desire, absence of orgasm, emotional problems, and lack of satisfaction with respect to sexual life were the "most often" problems among female respondents. More than 40% of the respondents reported such concern as pain during the sexual act. If you have such a problem, female hypnosis is your way out! Trust our experts - they are professional in sexual sphere. Their aim is to make your sexual life better by means of sexy hypnosis!

If it happens you have less success in achieving orgasm, hypnosis downloads will help you! Hypnosis orgasm downloads will make your life more exciting. After hypnosis, orgasm will be strong again. While listening to orgasm hypnosis you keep on increasing and enhancing the experience with all of your senses - more and more real, more and more complete. You can stay in this state as long as need. While listening to hypnosis orgasm records, you can keep yourself occupied, relaxed and calm, by focusing on making the sense real. You may choose to do this as a way of keeping your mind calm and at ease while something is going on in your body. The sexy hypnosis pleasant scene provides a way of strengthening the excitement response started by the hypnotic induction. Imagining yourself in a peaceful and protected environment is natural for a strong and powerful sense of relaxation. If you visualize yourself in a relaxed place, you will find yourself relaxed as well. You might want to do it twice a day for twenty minutes. You will out that as you practice "going" to this peaceful place with the help of sexy hypnosis, you will be able to reach the desirable feeling more quickly and more easily.

Our hypnosis downloads will enhance your desire for sex. Besides, and the most important -hypnosis downloads increase your ability to achieve orgasm. Hypnosis mp3 will help you to release anxieties, fears, and shame. With background music hypnosis mp3 will favor your imagination and relaxation.  Remember that only our sexy hypnosis records create a necessary feeling to help you reach orgasms every time you have sexual relations.

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